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Kristie McLean is a certified coach, facilitator, global storyteller and community activist skilled in creating safe spaces to deeply learn, connect and transform.

Using holistic models from more than 15 years of leadership practice, Kristie helps clients clarify values, increase trust and deepen emotional intelligence. Her hosting work restores relationships and systems, expands worldview awareness and allows conscious conversations around intention and impact, vision and passion.

Kristie’s multimedia and advocacy efforts have taken her to more than 50 countries on six continents. She has been featured on National Public Radio and at two global summits in Europe and Asia. Since 2010, she has championed a project in Ethiopia supporting women suffering from the childbirth injury Obstetric Fistula.

Kristie is a co-founder of Communities of Belonging, a Washington State non-profit empowering marginalized populations to connect, dream and thrive. This restorative reentry program supports formerly incarcerated individuals with peaceful reintegration back into society.

Client Testimonials

“Making unshakable personal connections through story and active presence is something that Kristie has mastered. At the same time, her business acumen both as a dynamo in organizational settings, and as a socialpreneur, is as authentic as it comes. She's been in the trenches. Kristie's perceptive abilities help her to accompany her clients through self-discovery and infuse their natural tendencies for intensity in specific areas for the betterment of the world. Be prepared to be humbled by a deeper sense of worth through stories of the human experience. In the sheer nature of conversation, you will likely start comparing your story with raw global issues that Kristie encounters in her non-profit work: great medicine.”

— Emily McDonald, Financial Advisor

“Kristie McLean is an amazing retreat speaker.  She's articulate, engaging, and tuned in to the participants with much opportunity for sharing in large and small group formats. She engages various modalities and intelligences, having a strong cognitive as well as emotional component in her presentations. Kristie becomes part of the group, participating in all the other retreat activities. For the two years that Kristie has been our presenter, the ladies all say, "This is the best retreat we have ever had!"

  -Linda Petrasek, Retreat participant & leadership team

“Kristie McLean is a committed and talented photographer, writer and digital storyteller whose passion truly is to share stories of the world that often go unnoticed. Her significant world travels have taken her around the planet to profile issues of access to clean water in Africa, Unexploded Ordnances in Laos, underage marriage in Afghanistan, women’s reproductive health in Ethiopia, and threatened indigenous cultures and landscapes. She has a powerful voice, especially for women and youth, and actively seeks out projects that empower and educate. Much of her success comes from her ability to put a face on a social issue and make the experience real, and convicting, for her audience. Her portraits can haunt or inspire..”

— Phil Borges, Social Documentary Photographer & Filmaker

“I have worked with Kristie as both my personal executive coach as well as with our staff on 5-6 occasions. Her skills at listening, leading hard conversations where everyone is heard and made to feel understood, teaching of communication skills, awareness of group dynamics and ability to shift mid-stream to meet the needs of the group are extraordinary. I've personally seen and appreciated her profound insights, deep and centered wisdom, calming and peaceful manner, intellectual curiosity, ability to work with Emotional Intelligence tools, and her ability to relate those tools to real-life interactions and scenarios. Her skills in these areas are profound. Kristie has a very holistic approach and has helped me to grow, build stronger and deeper relationships at home and at work, and to better understand myself. I can't recommend Kristie more highly!”

— John Bjorge, Senior Pastor